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The Sunblack tomato!

There are those who come out crazy. Here is the super black tomato that is good for your health. Its color is given by the high presence of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants. But it's not an Ogm! Its seeds were obtained through the traditional crossing technique.

Sun Black black tomato is a superfood developed by the University of Tuscia in collaboration with the Sant'Anna High School in Pisa and known for being very rich in antioxidant substances. Sun Black was developed with traditional hybridization methods (no biotech) as part of the research project "Tomantho" (acronym for tomato and anthocyanin), and has high levels of anthocyanins, which give the fruit's peel its dark color.


From abroad, requests come to us from tomato specialists who wish to add this surprising novelty to their assortment. In Italy, large-scale distribution has expressed its interest in us.

In the process of growth, the tomato takes on a black color on a green background, which turns red when fully ripe. In the field, the black tomato defended itself well against attacks of virosis.

Gourmet cuisine loves it! The strong chromatic impact that this tomato gives to the finished dish is very strong!

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