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Pachino's tomato

Our friend Uzzo is one of the most historic tomato producers and appreciated for the care and attention in growing high quality products such as Marinda tomato.

What is Marinda tomato?

This variety is one of the main products to identify the famous Pachino's tomatoes since it has found its natural habitat in this area thanks to the type of its soils, the particularly temperate climate. It is a ribbed tomato that stands out for its flattened shape and brushstroke.


The taste of the Marinda tomato is special for its sun scent, for its very rich sweet, enveloping, juicy, persistent, tasty flavor, for its firm, crunchy and compact texture. It is a tomato with an intense and exquisite taste. It has a high degree of shelf life and is resistant to handling and transport.

Benefits and advice:

  1. Poor in calories and ideal for a healthy and balanced diet

  2. Also recommended for pregnant women and sportsmen

  3. Exquisite in salads or even thinly cut.

  4. In the fridge it can last up to 15-20 days

  5. If they are good, you don't even need to season them

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