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The asparagus of a dear friend of mine: Simone!

This day is carved into my memory. I took my daughter and brother-in-law with me, because I wanted them to know this beautiful family and their passion. When sowing well, it always grows something special.

Boom for the asparagus of Sicily

The green asparagus of Sicily is certainly one of the most appreciated for its health qualities. Growing up in a particularly sunny environment and in a very fertile soil allows it to preserve all the characteristics that make it known to be a panacea for health.

Bizarre stories:

  • For the Greeks they had aphrodisiac properties

  • For the Romans they were instead a powerful anti-conceptual if hidden in a bag between the robes

  • For the Salernitan medical school they helped men in the production of seminal fluid

Today we know that, in addition to being rich in fiber, mineral salts, vitamin C and promoting diuresis, they are above all good!

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