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The Porcino mushroom of Borgotaro I.G.P by Borgolab

And here's one of my heart products: the Porcino mushroom. Not many know about it but thanks to the Nature Service and the search for the best products that I have done in my entire experience, another wonderful reality was born some years ago and it is managed by my family in the city of Borgotaro (Parma): BORGOLAB SRL.

Borgolab is our fantastic collection center of the Porcino mushroom of Borgotaro I.G.P. and laboratory of the specialized in the mushroom in all its forms and connotations: fresh, dry, processed. Here the experts can recognize the fungus with their eyes closed and the experience you breathe in these valleys is really exciting.

Photo by @borgolab

Nature Service is the exclusive distributor of Borgolab mushroom (Borgotaro) on the Milan market.

Excellence is at home here. All Borgolab products are the result of careful research, of a continuous focus on quality.

You can find out more by clicking on this address:

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