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Stars of Sicily: a name, a guarantee.

I start by telling about the incredible product that the Carnemolla family faithfully delivers to my stand in Milan Market every week. As in any self-respecting scenario, the curtain opens and the star of the moment appears. And there is no doubt: it is always the right time for these tomatoes to step onto the scene: ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce you one of the best tomatoes on earth: STELLE DI SICILIA.

The brix grade of this tomato is impeccable. The perfect color. The taste to lose your breath. Just one bite to this cherry tree and it's an explosion in the mouth. I have NEVER and I say NEVER had to season these tomatoes.


This is one of those stories where a wonderful family does a wonderful job. With sacrifice and passion. Every time I go to Sicily (and it happens very often during the year) this is a fundamental step. I go to say goodbye to my friends Carnemolla, listen to their stories, tell them how the market runs in Milan and take a nice tour in the greenhouses of their tomatoes. And it is precisely in their company that I breathe the air I love the most: that of authentic sacrifice and sincere passion, that of experience and knowledge. That of those who really touch the earth with their hands.

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