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My great passion! Let the dancing begin!

Every day from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Borgolab's Borgotaro collection center opens its doors to its pickers, who arrive with baskets and baskets of spectacular Boletes harvested in their woods.

Borgolab pickers do the meticulous sorting, clean them, and cash them in. In the evening they leave still very fresh and fragrant, and the next morning Nature Service is ready to deliver them to his customers. In one night the magic happens: from the forest to your tables.

If you want to "touch with your own hands" the world of the Porcino mushroom, come on a trip to Borgotaro. I am sure you will fall in love as I fell in love years ago when, moved by a passion for mushrooms, we opened Borgolab together with my family.

These are the upcoming events in the area:

- Borgotaro Porcini Mushroom Fair (Borgotaro) Sept. 21 and 22

- National Porcini Mushroom Fair (Albareto) Oct. 5 and 6

(video of last weekend's Borgotaro Porcini Mushroom Fair)


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